A stay at home VE Day 75 for Fenstanton

Due to the coronavirus restrictions most VE Day 75 events and street parties have had to be cancelled or postponed but we still want you to be able to mark the occasion, share your pride in our country and honour the men and women of WW2.

Here are a few additional ideas.

Make and display your own bunting

You can make your own special VE Day 75 ‘Great British Bunting’ to display in your window at home.

Here are all the instructions you need to get started using any paper, cereal boxes, string, ribbon, sweet wrappers, felt pens, poster paint you have or whatever you can find.


You can decorate your bunting with pictures of whatever inspires you, whether it’s those who fought on the frontline or worked hard on the Homefront, or whether it’s a celebration of enduring peace or your own personal hero.

Nation’s toast to the Heroes of WW2

We are also encouraging all those taking part to undertake the ‘Nation’s Toast to the Heroes of WW2’ at 3pm on the 8th May, from the safety of their own home by standing up and raise a glass of refreshment of their choice and undertake the following ‘Toast’.

“To those who gave so much, we thank you,” using this unique opportunity to pay tribute to the many millions at home and abroad that gave so much to ensure we all enjoy and share the freedom we have today.

Learn a 1940s Style Dance

Street Parties always included lots of dancing! But dancing in the 1940s looked a little different to our dancing today…

Watch the video clip to attend a 1940s dance party. The live band is playing Jazz– it’s energetic and full of fun. The American soldiers who were stationed in Britain during the war taught the British people their American dances and a new dance craze started. New dances included the Lindy Hop, Jitter Bug and Charleston.


Listen to the Last Post

You may want to hold your own remembrance ceremony in your house.  You could have a minutes silence where you remember all those who fought or suffered in the war and then listen to the last post together as a family. 

Make your own paper spitfire and hold your own VE Day paper aeroplane competition

Have a go at making your own paper aeroplane. Try out a few designs—which goes the further? Here are some videos for inspiration. Or just make up your own!

Design and make a VE Day medal

Soldiers were given medals for their bravery during the war. They wore them with pride at any celebration they attended. This medal was given to soldiers who had fought in WW1. Your task is to design and make VE Day medal for the soldiers to wear as they returned to join in the VE day celebrations.

Royal British Legion – VE Day Home Resources

We want to invite families to explore VE Day together and help us show our thanks to this inspiring generation.

In addition to teaching resources, we’ve created resources for parents and carers, specially designed for home learning. They are aimed at 7-14 year olds and include family-friendly activities and support for you when talking to your child/children about VE Day and Remembrance.



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